I use drawing to think through things, to solve problems.

October 23, 2009

Prijs Eugeen Janssens 1998

Voor m'n losbladig grafisch werk 'In volle strijd vloeit er bloed'

Corneel Campo, m'n leerkracht Vrije Grafiek stimuleerde me om m'n kandidatuur voor deze prijs van de stad Antwerpen in te dienen.


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October 17, 2009

Egyptian Blue

New technique unveils ancient colour at the British Museum.


April 18, 2009


The Human Lungs
2006, Pastel on Toned Underground, B42 x H30 cm
The lung is the essential respiration organ in air-breathing animals. Their principal function is to transport oxygen from the atmosphere into the bloodstream, and to release carbon dioxide from the bloodstream into the atmosphere. This exchange of gases is accomplished in the mosaic of specialized cells that form millions of tiny, exceptionally thin-walled air sacs called alveoli.

In Volle Strijd Vloeit er Bloed

Blood will Flow in every Battle

1998: Price of the City of Antwerp for the book with etchings ‘In Volle Strijd vloeit er Bloed - Blood will flow in every Battle.’
An educational book about Immunology.

March 21, 2009

March 18, 2009

Dendritic Cells in 3D

Dendritic Cells In Tumor Immunology

2007, Plastic, H2O, H20 Pump, Goldfishes, Stones, Murano Glass, Etching Prints on Paper

Work made for the Exhibition 'Confronting Mortality with Art and Science' in the Marble Hall of the Antwerp Zoological Society

March 17, 2009


The Human Brain

2000, Etching and Aquatint on Paper, B19.7 x H14.8 cm

From a philosophical point of view, the most important function of the brain is to serve as the physical structure underlying the mind. From a biological point of view, though, the most important function is to generate behaviors that promote the welfare of an animal.

F. Scott Fitzgerald said: "The true mark of intelligence is the ability to hold two apparently opposing ideas in the mind simultaneously."

March 15, 2009



2000, Aquatint on Paper, B25 x H25 cm

Eyes are organs that detect light, and send signals along the optic nerve to the visual and other areas of the brain.

March 14, 2009

We Live and Die Each Day

Pregnant woman in a cave with rock paintings

2007, Etching and Aquatint


The Human Heart

2006, Pastel on Toned Underground, B42 x H30 cm

The heart is one of the critical organs, as it pumps by rhytmic contractions oxygenated blood to feed the body's biological functions. The cessation of the heartbeat, referred to as cardiac arrest, is a critical emergency. Without intervention, death can occur within minutes since the brain requires a continuous supply of oxygen and cannot survive for long if that supply is cut off.

March 10, 2009

How many Weeks?


2007, Etching and Aquatint on Paper, B24.8 x H24.8 cm

March 09, 2009

All is Quiet

Mother and Child

2007, Etching and Aquatint on Paper, B25 x H42 cm